sneak peek

To get you even more interested in this book, 
here are a few quotes from within...

"I had seen that movie before: husband and wife both work, wife still
takes care of house, wife makes dinner, wife takes care of kids, husband
sits on couch, wife nags husband, husband bitches about how wife nags too
much. No sir. That life was not for me."
From Chapter Three: Talk

"So many times we feel the need to disagree or outwardly argue against
our partners to prove a point. Or, we fail to respond when someone else
says or does something that impacts our partners in a negative way. When
this becomes a habit, our relationships can be put on the fast track to a
break-up or even divorce. Being on your partner’s side and having their back
about certain issues, especially in front of other people,
exhibits your unity and cohesiveness as a couple."
From Chapter One: Be Supportive

"I am an optimist. Now before you pass any judgment, I want
to make it clear that I am not one of those bubbly, giggly,
ridiculously-happy-all-of-the-time women who you (and I)
secretly want to strangle (it’s okay, you can admit it; we’re
all friends here). I know those people. I am not one of them.
I don’t put on a happy face for show and I sure as hell don’t
think that things are going well when they clearly are not. But,
in the grand scheme of things, I tend to believe that positive
things will happen to me. And, if I encounter heartache,
sadness, depression, anger, or other negative experiences,
I usually have this feeling that things will get better.
They always do; even if only for a brief period."
From Chapter Five: Don't Worry, Be Happy

"Love may conquer all,
but it sure as hell doesn’t clean the house,
put your screaming kid to bed,
or pay off those pesky student loans."
From Chapter Three: Talk

"We all come into relationships with ideas about
how men and women should and should not behave
and communicate. For instance, in some circles, it’s
considered inappropriate for men to be emotional and
it’s expected for women to cry at the drop of a hat.
Additionally, some people believe that women should
stay at home and be primary caregivers for their
children, while men should go to work and provide
for their families. It’s not my purpose here to tell you
which gender roles are good or bad, right or wrong,
or appropriate or inappropriate. Instead, I just
want you to recognize how important it is that as a
couple, you come to a certain level of agreement on this
issue. If you and your mate disagree about who should
fill each role in your life together, you will likely
experience a significant amount of conflict down the road."
From Chapter Ten: Manage that Conflict